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        HACCP是英文“Hazard Analysic Critical Control Point”(即危害剖析及要害控制点)的首字母缩写,是用于对某一特定餐饮消费历程举行辨别评价和控制的一种体系办法。该办法经过估计哪些关键最大概呈现题目,或一旦出了题目对人危害较大,来创建避免这些题目呈现的无效步伐以包管餐饮的宁静。即经过对餐饮全历程的各个关键举行危害剖析,找出要害控制点(CCP),接纳无效的防备步伐和监控手腕,使危害要素降到最小水平,并接纳须要的验证步伐,使产品到达预期的要求。HACCP是一个为国际承认的、包管餐饮免受生物性、化学性及物感性危害的防备系统。它发生于20世纪60年月的美国宇航餐饮消费企业,已被团结国餐饮法典委员会采取并向环球推行。它次要是经过迷信和体系的办法,剖析和查找餐饮消费历程的危害,确定详细的防备控制步伐和要害控制点,并实行无效的监控,从而确保产品的宁静卫生质量。


    HACCP food hygiene and safety management system

    HACCP is English “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point r" (i.e., whose Control were Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points) acronyms, is used for a particular food production process Control and identification evaluation method of a kind of system. This method is most likely by problems which link, or once a problem of great people, to establish prevents these problems and effective measures to ensure food security. The process of food through every link to the hazard analysis and critical control points (CCP) out, adopting effective measures of prevention and control means, make hazard factors is minimized, and take the necessary measures to verify the products intended. HACCP is a guarantee for international recognition and food from the biological, chemical and physical hazards prevention system. It happens in the 1960s American aerospace food production enterprise, has been adopted and the UN food codex alimentations commission to the global popularization. It is mainly through science and the method of system, analysis and find food production process, determine the harm of prevention and control measures and key points, and effective monitoring, thus ensuring the quality of product safety and health.
    It first appeared in the 1960s, American Pillsbury Company for the U.S. space program to provide safety and health food, pioneered the use of the concept of HACCP in 1973, American FDA decided in lower Suanguan head used in food. In 1985, the American academy of sciences recommended by the administrative authority shall be HACCP, after years of research and development, November 1989 American agricultural food safety inspection bureau (FSIA), Shui Chanju (NMFS), and the food and drug administration (FDA) things such agencies released "food production rule." HACCP 1990-1995, America will be applied in succession of HACCP poultry products, aquatic products etc., 1997 to December 18 America losing beauty products enterprises established compulsory requirements, otherwise the product of HACCP system can enter the American market. In China, EMU, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, many countries have learning, the popularization and application of HACCP knowledge. So far, HACCP international organization has been many such as the FAO/WHO recognized as such, CAC worldwide guarantee food safety standards.
    HACCP is a kind of control system; the preventive harm is a kind of food for protection against biological, chemical and physical hazard management tools. The traditional quality control tend to focus on the final product inspection, which can achieve the purpose to eliminate food source disease, in the 1960s, American NATICK PILLSBURY by national aerospace, military laboratory and administrative departments at the American space development plan for the first time in food put forward the concept of HACCP. Although it is not a zero risk system, is a food safety control system, it is not an independent existence of the system. HACCP food safety project must be based on the basis that it can be operation. For example: good operation specification (GMP), standard specifications (SOP) and sanitary standard specifications (SSOP), because many HACCP standard operation, and formed a comparatively complete quality assurance system, as the most effective HACCP food source disease control system has been accepted by country or society.




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